Professor Nicholas "Nick" Cutter

Cutter is the team founder. His wife Helen disappeared eight years before he saw the first anomaly, at which he met with four other people, and they became his team. Timelines changed after Cutter came back through an anomaly, and Claudia Brown, his love interest, no longer existed. James Lester and his best friend Stephen thought he was crazy, but Cutter came to live with it, even though a new member of the team, Jenny Lewis, was identical in every way. Cutter faced many more creatures, and encounters with humans as well, before being shot in the ARC fire by Helen. That wasn’t the end of Cutter. Timelines changed back, and he never died. Plus, Claudia returned. Cutter is determined yet has a heart, as he still tries to reason with Helen despite all she’s done to him.

Connor Temple

Connor was only a student when he met Nick Cutter. Connor has been in the team since the very start, and has had to witness some emotional experiences, such as Cutter’s death. Connor saw Cutter as a role-model, and was over the moon, despite being shocked, when the timelines changed. Connor continued to play a vital role in the team, helping Sarah with discovering new theories. Connor’s the unlikely hero. A wimp turned hero if you like. He has saved Abby many times because of his love for her, and that didn’t change when he got a new girlfriend (later wife) in Mia Turner. Mia and Connor fall out between Farewell and The Revival, and they get divorced. Connor later starts dating Abby.

Abigail "Abby" Sarah Maitland

Abby has been in the team since the beginning. She was a zookeeper who had gone to investigate an unusual pet, who was in fact a Coelurosauravus that came through the anomaly to the Permian era. It had been kept as a pet. Abby met many creatures, and was saved mostly by Connor, who she knew had a crush on her. Abby was one of the two people (the other being Connor) who believed Cutter about Claudia Brown having existed. Abby was kidnapped by a Mer-Creature, and nearly fell to her death from a cliff, but Connor saved her with the help of Cutter. Abby went on to have a grudge against Mia after she and Connor started dating, but the two of them made up at Mia and Connor’s wedding. Abby is a tomboy, who loves kickboxing, therefore no creature should get on the wrong side of her, as a Mer-Creature found out. Abby’s determined and feisty, more like Mia than she thinks. Abby and Connor eventually become an item after Mia leaves and the couple get divorced.

Jennifer "Jenny" Lewis

Jenny Lewis was brought in as the team’s Public Relations manager. She’s identical to Claudia Brown in every way, but she knew nothing of her doppelganger until Cutter mentioned her. In her first adventure, Jenny was attacked by Giant Worms, leading her to thinking that Cutter and the team were bonkers. Jenny was made temporary team leader after Cutter’s death, but she resigned not long after she was attacked by a deadly fungus creature, that caused her to freeze to death, but was resuscitated by the team. She returned because Sarah and Becker needed her help. She eventually met Claudia Brown, and they ended up getting on like a house on fire. Jenny is like Claudia, she’s feisty and has more courage than she thinks, although has noticeably less luck with men, including a failed relationship with former team member Lloyd Daniels.

Sarah Page

Sarah Page met the team at the British Museum, where she was lecturing school children about Egyptology. Sarah was recruited as the team’s Egyptologist, working on the myths and legends surrounding anomalies, but ended up joining the team properly. Sarah has often taken a backseat, but she came forward after Lester sacked her for breaking the Detector. She got onto a plane, with Connor following, but faced up to Helen, who blew up the plane, causing it to crash. Sarah, Connor and Helen all survived. Sarah started working on new theories for the team, which might help them to find out more about different types of anomalies and why they always open so near. Sarah is shy, yet brave, particularly evidenced after the death of her sister when she became guardian of her kids.

Jessica "Jess" Parker

Jess Parker is the team's field co-ordinator. She's like their SatNav. She sits at the Anomaly Detector, which is her workstation, and controls what the team do in the field. She can track them using little black boxes and talk to them using their earpieces. She was introduced to the team along with the schedule, telling the team which days they go out on the anomaly mission. Jess is intelligent, young and confident...unless up against creatures. Jess encountered her first dinosaur at a swamp with Connor, Abby and Mia because the anomaly was so early, most of the team weren't in yet. Jess saved Mia from the Protosuchus, a crocodile-like creature. If you were in a crisis, it would be Jess you'd want at your side.

Samuel "Sam" Dunbar

Sam is the newest member of the team. When he met the team, he was a personal trainer, finishing a day of work at the gym. He manages to help save the team from a couple of raptors, as well as saving Jenny's life with his first aid training, proving that he's an essential member of the team, particularly with numbers low after financial cuts a couple of years before he joined.

Sir James Lester

James Lester is the team’s boss. He works at the ARC and supervises the team’s every move. Lester is not usually involved in the action, although he had to defend himself from a future predator in the ARC on one occasion when Oliver Leek tried to murder him. Lester is bossy, but also has a sense of humour at times, mostly sarcastic.

Danny Quinn

Danny was a police officer before he met the team. When he was younger, his brother went missing. He met the team when he was investigating his brother’s disappearance. After Nick Cutter’s death and Jenny Lewis’ resignation, Danny became team leader, only to find when he got back from being trapped in the Pliocene era that Cutter was still alive. He and Cutter were then joint leaders of the team. Since then, Danny has been shot and stabbed by Helen but has survived both. Danny is courageous, strong and doesn’t give up easily. Danny was killed two years after Farewell in a terror bird attack, leaving the team reeling.

Claudia Brown

Claudia Brown was in charge of the day-to-day anomaly operations at the Home Office. She was Cutter’s romantic interest and they shared two passionate kisses. Claudia was erased from the timeline due to an accident while Cutter was in the past, and replaced by Jenny Lewis, effectively Claudia with a new name. While Danny, Abby, Connor, Sarah, Captain Becker and Jenny were through a future anomaly, the timelines somehow changed back and Claudia existed in the same world as Jenny, which should be a paradox. Claudia’s relationship with Cutter was put on hold when Cutter got a new girlfriend in the form of Lily Nash. Claudia is a no-nonsense woman who’s feisty, with more courage than she makes out. Between Farewell and The Revival, The Minister asked Claudia to step in as emergency cover at the Home Office, so she stepped down from the team.

Mia Ashley Turner (previously Temple)

Mia Turner met the team while escaping from deadly creatures that Helen had stopped becoming extinct. She ended up saving the day, and was offered a place in the team. Mia immediately became friends with Connor, Sarah and Jenny. Mia started a relationship with Connor, despite Abby’s disapproval. Mia had a love-hate relationship with Abby, mostly hate. Mia ended up marrying Connor, and adopting his surname to become Mia Temple. Mia still uses the name Turner for work purposes, however. Mia is strong, confident and caring. She quit the team a year before The Revival due to stress, partially related to her break-up with Connor.

Harriet "Harry" Stafford

Harriet Stafford, or Harry as she likes to be called, met the team after being attacked by a Future Mutt. She saved the team, and was therefore offered a place alongside them, and she accepted, but only because Helen Cutter ordered her to. Harry was constantly updating Helen on the team's situation, and then they launched their plan. Harry rebelled, and Helen shot her. Harry survived, and returned to the team, no longer in contact with Helen. Harry has proved a real asset, saving the team on numerous occasions. Harry is not afraid to stand up for herself. She managed to outrun a Raptor, before being saved by Lloyd, due to Helen's messing with time. Harry was made redundant due to the ARC's financial difficulties after Farewell.

Lloyd Daniels

Lloyd Daniels is most known for his stint on reality show The X Factor in 2009, where he came fifth. Connor arranged for him and his X Factor mentor Cheryl to visit, the ARC as Jenny, Claudia and Abby all admitted to having crushes on him. Lloyd showed hero qualities, sacrificing his life for the rest of the team, so Lester offered him a place at the ARC. Lloyd began a relationship with Jenny, but they decided they weren’t for each other, so broke up. Lloyd acts shy, but likes to get in on the action and is a valued member of the team. Lloyd was made redundant after Farewell due to financial struggles within the ARC.

Captain Becker

Captain Becker was appointed as the ARC’s head of security, and to make sure the team are safe and don't get themselves killed. Becker’s arrogant but charming, serving as an alpha male within the team. He sacrificed himself for the team, nearly being attacked by Future Predators. He survived, but was eventually shot by Helen along with Stephen.

Stephen Hart

Stephen was Cutter’s lab assistant before the anomalies appeared. He got caught up in them with Cutter and became part of his team. Stephen was killed by creatures, but saving Cutter, Helen and the whole human race in doing so. Stephen was also alive when the timelines changed back to Claudia’s world, but was killed again this time by Helen.

Helen Cutter (née Ambrose)

Helen is the team’s biggest enemy. Eight years before Cutter discovered the first anomaly, Helen disappeared. Cutter found out Helen had been travelling through the anomalies. Helen was driven mad by the anomalies, and ended up wanting the human race destroyed. She was stopped by a Raptor that pounced on her and they were both knocked off a cliff, witnessed by Danny. Helen had a piece of future technology around her, that enabled her to survive but appear dead, so she continued to cause chaos, by shooting Becker and Stephen, and stopping three deadly species becoming extinct. Helen does not give up, and would do anything to get her way.

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